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If you’re interested in learning the true mysteries of the religions and spirituality, then consider joining the Gnosticae School, a real mystery school, now opening its doors to those who wish to learn.

Gnosticae is a real mystery school and provides full teachings about the mysteries, the consciousness, and how to progress on your spiritual path. The teachings available to students in the school are the true methods of increasing consciousness and understanding the hidden meaning in religions and the acquisition of occult powers. 

Gnosticae is currently offering a nine course syllabus in our school and it will take approximately 36-48 months to complete, depending on the student, but it is to be understood that this is a continual work. Even after the 36-48 months, the student will be practicing all that has been taught frequently to master the principles. 

The information taught in this course has been taught only in the Order of Ancient Illuminists to initiates, however, this portion of the teachings have now been made available to everyone as it is a crucial part of everyone’s spiritual development.

If you are interested in joining our mystery school, continue reading below to learn more. 


The doors of the mystery school are now open

*Please note: the average duration given does not reflect the time it takes to become proficient in these subjects, but simply the average time to get a basic understanding of the material. Please remember that this is a lifelong work of practicing and studying.

The fee schedule to enroll in the Gnosticae Correspondence School is as follows:

  • Monthly tuition fees: $66/month. Includes all of the above necessary materials.
  • Access to Gnosticae Instructors who can help you on your path and private online sessions if needed.
  • Q & A section to ask questions while studying.
  • Video classes and lectures.
  • Access to all new and upcoming Gnosticae courses.
  • Special access included to special events and lectures.

Gnosticae Mystery School Terms

Please read carefully before enrolling.

Enrollment in the Gnostica Mystery School gives you the following:

  • Module textbooks delivered via post for all courses
  • Access to the online school featuring lectures, exercises, downloadable materials to help you, Q & A Sessions, and more.
  • A certificate of completion at the successful completion of the each entire course. Issued by the OAI.

Payment Terms: Students can choose to either pay the tuition in full or in monthly installments subsequent to the enrollment fee. Payment of monthly installments must be received by the 3rd of each month. Any late payments will result in a $75 late fee. Non-payment of monthly fees will result in suspension of online access and termination of mailing services. To reactivate a suspended account, the payment must be made including the late fee upon approval from Gnosticae.

Lesson distribution procedure: Lessons in respective courses are dripped to students upon completion of previous lessons. To see a full schedule of lessons, you may refer to the calendar in your student dashboard. 

Gnosticae and the OAI does not offer a cancellation policy. Any fees paid towards school fees are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and a cancellation of the school after a payment has been made does not entitle you to a refund of prior fees paid. Enroll in the school only if you are sure you want to.

Group memberships are available for institutions and schools. Group tuition is based on the number of seats needed.  Please contact us at support@gnosticae.org to get more information or proceed to this page to purchase seats for group enrollment.

Payment Options

You can choose your payment option at registration

Quarterly Payments are billed the rate of $66 / month and the total amount due at registration is $198 for 3 months.

Bi-Annual Payments are billed the rate of $66 / month and the total amount due at registration is $396 for 6 months.

Annual Payments are billed the rate of $66 / month and the total amount due at registration is $792 for 12 months.

Become an Instructor

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates who have become proficient in the material may apply for a teaching position at Gnosticae to help other students on their journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

How much does it cost to start?

To enroll in the Gnosticae Mystery School, the student can choose between quarterly, bi-annual, or annual billing for the monthly fees. Once your next payment is due, it is your decision to continue on in the school or not. If you decide to continue on, the monthly fees will continue and you can either renew the previous payment plan or change the plan. Tuition fees are non-refundable, however, if you are unable to attend the school, you may use it at a later time. You may put your account on hold if you know you will not be able to participate for a set period of time and the fees paid will be applies to when you rejoin.

Is this an online course?

The school syllabus is taught via textbooks which the school will send you via post and all extra materials, such as lectures, exercises, and Q&A's are online. So the course is a hybrid course of online and physical learning.

Are there teachers available to help if I have questions?

Yes. Gnosticae has several teachers who can help you via live video call, email, or chat. Simply go to the "Ask an Instructor" section of the course page and submit a request. In addition, we have live online classes for all students. They are free and included in your membership.

Why is there no monthly payment option?

Gnosticae Mystery School does not offer monthly payment plans. We operate like a university and do not want students enrolling into the program for short periods of time to try it out. Instructors spend a lot of time with students and we are only interested in dedicated, true students of the knowledge.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, feel free to contact us using the form below. 

Please allow approximately 24-36 hours for a reply. 

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