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Membership in Gnosticae

Privileges and Terms of Membership

Anyone over the age of 18 years and sincerely interested in learning the teachings, may apply for membership in Gnosticae.

1. When your application has been accepted, you are enrolled into Gnosticae as an associate member and Mystery School student. You will be mailed a welcome pack. Please ensure to put your correct mailing address on the registration form to receive our mailings.

2. Privacy is of utmost importance to the OAI and Gnosticae and we will never reveal your name or affiliation withe OAI without your permission.

3. Membership must be considered a privilege. Membership in the OAI joins you to other members who are dedicated to the same work.

4. Members have a responsibility to support the work of the OAI. We are a non-profit organization (filing for 501(c)3)
and rely entirely on donations, and the purchasing of products and services to continue operating.

Associate Membership in the Gnosticae School / OAI costs $34.00/month (billed annually at $408/year). This is a nominal fee to cover the expenses of curriculum creation, printing, and mailing. You will continue to receive our mail and online access as long as your membership is active. Please remember that this is a correspondence school and you may study at your own pace.

Gnosticae Membership (OAI Associate Member)

When you become a Gnosticae Member, you are becoming an Associate Member of the OAI. This means that you will receive monthly lessons, discounts on products, and access to special events and free content online. This membership level is for those looking to enter into the spiritual path and want to study at their own pace.

Membership Fee: $408.00 / year

Enroll in the Gnosticae Mystery School

The Gnosticae Mystery School teaching the ancient philosophy, methods, and practices of spiritual ascension. To learn more about the Gnosticae School, visit here. The Gnosticae Mystery School tuition costs $66/month billed either quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. To enroll in the Gnosticae School, click the ENROLL button below.

Gnosticae School

This membership level provides full access to The Mysteries I and also access to all other Gnosticae (current and upcoming) and Noetics courses. You will receive monthly lessons, access to live online classes, and full enrollment in the Mystery School.

Tuition Fees: $66 / month billed every 3, 6, or 12 months

Accept Your OAI Invitation

If you have received an invitation to the OAI, you may use the button below to proceed to registration. If you wish to apply for initiation into the OAI, you must have been a student in the Gnosticae Mystery School for at least 3 months, completed and returned you Oath, and applied for Initiation.

OAI Membership

The OAI EG is a magickal order. This level is invitation only and you must be a member in the Gnosticae Mystery School to be considered for invitation.

Initiation Fee: $150.00 + Membership Fee: $408.00 / year

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